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2011 Naming creeks in Forest Lake/ Inala

T7 Farley Creek, Inala  2011he History Group proposed names from our local history for three un-named creeks which together ran through several parks in Inala and Durack. This project, initiated in 2008, was in collaboration with OCCA (Oxley Creek Catchment Association), whose experience guided the proposal through DERM (Department of Environment, Resources and Mining).
These three creeks run eastwards into Oxley Creek. (A watershed runs roughly along Archerfield Road / Woogaroo Street – and drainage west of this line runs into the Wolston Creek system).
The newly gazetted names Boss, Farley and Ordnance Creek were launched in September 2011 in the new Inala Hall. Members of the Boss family were honoured guests at the event.
The Hub Neighbourhood Centre assisted in catering for the Morning Tea.
Cr Milton Dick provided $275 towards costs regarding the launch event.
BCC erected name signs on public roads which cross the creeks.

Link to OCCA

The names:

  • Farley – Henry Farley selected much of this region (almost 2430 hectares stretching from Carole Park to Pallara) in 1872 – making him perhaps the first settler in the district. Homestead Park, Forest Lake is so named because that is where he built his home, “Archerfield House.” Farley Creek rises nearby.
  • Ordnance – During World War II (1942-1945) reputedly the largest ammunition storage facility in the southern hemisphere covered much of today’s Inala and Forest Lake: it was built for the US Army. Ordnance Creek is near the north-eastern limit of what was called the Darra Ordnance Depot.
  • Boss – In the early 1950s, the Boss Brothers helped establish Inala. They built over 1000 concrete houses for the new Housing Commission estate – and also first-rate facilities for the local community, many of whom worked for them. Boss Creek rises in Hock Davis Park, near the site of the first Boss storage yard.