Previous Meetings

Tuesday 8 December 2015 

Our Xmas activity was to take a bus tour of the area (Inala, Richlands and Forest Lake) with tour guide Angela pointing out the places of historical interest.

Craig, who is a member of the Queensland Omnibus & Coach Society, organised a heritage bus for us: 14 members and friends attended.

The tour started and finished at Blue Fin Fishing Club where, on our return, we shared a relaxed, sociable lunch. All in all, a Merry Xmas outing!


Tuesday 10 November, 2015 – “Know your Library

Each member drew a book title from the history group’s library list. After 10 minutes to skim, each person presented a 2-3 minute summary of the book to the group.

This was an most interesting and informative exercise which everyone enjoyed greatly.


Tuesday 13 October, 2015 – Guest Speakers:

Peter Brown – “History of Street Naming”;    Aaron Hagenbach – “Inala Streets and more”

Members were interested and appreciative of the content of these two talks, and continued the discussions afterwards.

Tuesday 8 September 2015 – “Old Radios”

There was no General Meeting this month. Instead, 10 members of RIHG were treated to a tour of member Fred Clark’s vast collection of radios and related items.

Fred had invited two fellow members from the Historical Wireless Society of South East Queensland to come along to help answer our many questions.

Janet Rigby had prepared a wonderful morning tea for everyone and the Spring weather added to the perfect setting in Fred’s marquee.

Members spent a relaxed and interesting morning and all thanked Fred for his knowledge and hospitality.


Tuesday 11 August, 2015 – “At home with the President”

All members brought something to make a wonderful spread for what has become an annual event.

President Angela announced that Vicki Mynott has been awarded a Volunteer Award in the 2015 National Trust Heritage Awards and presented Vicki with flowers on behalf of the members.

The meeting activity was a “Show and Tell.” Six members brought and spoke about an historical item for 2-3 minutes: one was a 1976 Volkswagon!

And a jolly good time was had by all …


Tuesday 14 July 2015 – “Photos of Old Brisbane”

Member and Guest Speaker Fred Clark presented a relaxed and rambling slide show and chat.

Members joined in and provided personal recollections which led to further discussion and an enjoyable morning for all.


Tuesday 9 June 2015 – “The Dunlop Family”

Ted Dunlop, 2009

Ted Dunlop, 2006            Gerda Eilts

Member and Guest Speaker Ted Dunlop fascinated members with snippets of his family history.

The Dunlop family settled along Oxley Creek from the 1860s, taking up land from Corinda to Durack. They took their produce down Oxley Creek to sell in Brisbane and Ipswich.

The first Oxley Hotel on Ipswich Road was nearby, and included a bush racecourse (close to today’s Harvey Norman store). It was inundated in the 1893 – and other – floods. Only later did the owner move to the present site on higher ground.

Ted’s uncle George Dunlop ran a blacksmith‘s shop here at “Oxley Central” – opposite The Oxley Hotel (near where the Oxley Remembrance Park is now).

Interestingly, Ted suggested an answer to the long-time mystery of the origin of the name “Little Doris Creek” which runs through the Oxley Golf Course. Ted told us that George Dunlop’s family lived there (Dunlop’s Paddock was near where Bunnings warehouse is on Blunder Road today). George’s daughter’s name was Lillian (Lil) Doris. This seems a likely explanation.

Ted has so many fascinating stories, documents and photos.   We look forward to “The Dunlop Family History.”


Tuesday 12 May 2015 – History Group Website launch

Though our new website went live on 20 April, our May meeting was the “launch” event.

Charles Strunk conveyed congratulations and best wishes from our local members Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and Cr Milton Dick. Jenny Squires added greetings from National Trust of Australia (Queensland).

Ted Dunlop – as President of the Oxley-Chelmer History Group – officially launched the website for us. BCC Inala Library had reserved 3 computer terminals for a session to introduce members and guests to the site.

The website launch was our item in the National Trust Heritage Festival booklet (9500 copies distributed statewide). It was featured by Spenser Howson on ABC Radio on the morning of the launch.

Janet Rigby provided a celebration morning tea which was enjoyed by everyone who attended.

*   Creation of our website was supported by a BCC Local History grant.


Tuesday 14 April 2015 – Field excursion “Walter Taylor Bridge”

2 walter-taylor-bridge- brissie greetersThe Walter Taylor Bridge – which spans the Brisbane River between Indooroopilly and Chelmer – opened in 1936 and is heritage-listed.

This is the only habitable bridge in the Southern Hemisphere.  Initially, the bridge manager lived in the southern (Graceville) pylon and the toll master lived in the northern pylon with his family of five children. It was in 2010 – 74 years later – that the last Green moved out.
The support cables are surplus from the construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.  When the bridge opened it had the longest span of any suspension bridge in Australia.  It was a toll bridge from 1936 until the 1960s. Interestingly, the toll began as 6d and ended as the same nominal amount – 5c).

The tour, hosted by Brisbane Greeters for Brisbane City Council since 2013, takes visitors through the Northern Pylon only – up narrow, steep stairs to the third level, where RIHG members remembered seeing pot plants and washing hanging on the balcony.  Member Ted Dunlop was involved in the renovation of the apartment – and in selecting the fascinating selection of photos now on the walls.
For more information:

Australian Diary 77: “New Australians Live in Unusual Home” (1954), National Film and Sound Archive (on You-Tube)
Davis, Noel et al (2011) “The remarkable Walter Taylor” Sherwood, Qld: Oxley-Chelmer History Group Inc.


Tuesday 10 March 2015 – Guest Speaker Ron Powell – “Local area artefacts”

1 Darra quarry c1963Ron is of Aboriginal descent – he belongs to the Waradjuri nation (along the Bogan River in Central NSW).  However, for many years now, Ron has been living on Bribie Island.  The first artefact he showed us was an Aboriginal stone tool from Bribie – a stone scraper blade.

But through his teenage years and beyond, Ron lived in Inala and worked in Oxley – and for years he has been a “distant” member of RIHG.
Ron’s first local artefacts were from Dunlop’s blacksmith’s shop, opposite the Oxley Hotel. (Member Ted Dunlop confirmed that the family blacksmith’s business existed there on the corner of Ipswich Road and Oxley Road).

The artefacts were parts of metal tools, a horseshoe, harness buckles and blacksmith’s tongs.
Ron’s second group of local artefacts were rocks.  As a teenager, Ron roamed the district, fossicking in the many quarries and gravel pits. He showed us examples of silicate (petrified wood) from the old Darry quarry, and blue agate from the old gravel pit in Orchard Road, Richlands.
Ron donated these local artefacts – and photos of the quarries – to the History Group. (We need concrete items to interest the classes we visit).