Inala began in 1946, just after World War II. It was then known as Serviceton.

Serviceton/ Inala 1953 Source: QSA

Serviceton/ Inala 1953
Source: QSA

Serviceton was initially a tiny settlement just beyond the Green Belt on the outskirts of Brisbane, ten miles (18kms) southwest of the city. It was one of a number of attempts around Australia by servicemen returned from World War II, to collaborate in establishing themselves and their families in post-war life. ….

The land chosen by Hock Davis and The Serviceton Ex-Servicemen’s Co-operative Society Limited had good infrastructure features, such as a bitumen road connection to Ipswich Road at Darra, water main, and electricity and telephone services, already supporting the very rural pocket of Richlands to its west. Empty former American Army Huts on the site (McEwan Park) were quickly occupied by several Society members, most of whom built their houses close by.…

But by 1950, the Society had effectively collapsed. The Queensland Housing Commission took over and expanded Serviceton into the (then) largest housing project in Queensland. Over the years, the estate developed into a satellite suburb of Brisbane – and Serviceton became Inala.

Name change Serviceton to Inala, 1953

In late 1951, the Sunday Mail reported that   “RENAMING of the Post Office at Serviceton as “Inala” – an aboriginal word meaning ‘a restful place’- has been recommended by the City Council works committee to the Land Administration Board.”
Sunday Mail, 25 November 1951 p5

An announcement was made on 25 February 1953, and 28 families moved into the Housing Commission houses the next day (26 February 1953).

On 4 March 1953, the Courier Mail reported that the “Brisbane City Council establishment and coordination committee had decided on behalf of the council to adopt Inala, aboriginal for ‘peaceful place,’ as the new name for Serviceton.”

So Serviceton – a town for servicemen – became Inala – a resting place.

”Inala” is an Aboriginal word, but not of the local language. At the time of naming, some collections of Aboriginal words were becoming available, but the meanings were considered more interesting than the regional origins.

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