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Oxley Creek anabranch, 2003, Source: Rob Scott

Oxley Creek anabranch, 2003, Source: Rob Scott

Larapinta has often been grouped with Pallara and Heathwood.  Located beyond RIHG’s eastern “border” of Oxley Creek, it extends from the creek east to the Brisbane-Sydney railway.  We are also interested in Larapinta because it is part of the 1800s story of “The Blunder” which is in our area (article coming).

Larapinta’s population in the 2011 census was zero (0).  There is still some area of bush, but the land use is increasingly industrial.

The western border of Larapinta is Oxley Creek – and includes the anabranch adjoining Pallara. It includes extensive wetland swamps – heavily scarred by sand-mining.

In Larapinta’s south-east corner is the Glider Forest Conservation Area (5 glider species have been found in the area). This is a fragment of the 30 km wildlife corridor once proposed to link Karawatha Forest to Greenbank and on to Flinders Peak.


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