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Before Forest Lake
Vicki Mynott

The history of the development of Forest Lake from Archerfield Station until now.
The land that became Forest Lake was known as Archerfield Station from the 1880s, and in the mid-1980s it was marketed as Woodlands. It was then the last big undeveloped land parcel in the City of Brisbane.

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Richlands: Early History of the Development of the Suburb, 2nd edition
Fred Clark, Edited by Vicki Mynott, (2015)

This book follows Richlands’ development from the original grazing leases (80-120ha) of the 1870s to the small blocks (½ -1½ ha) of the 1930s, with houses built by family and friends – and the school which was the center of the community.

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The Blue Fin Fishing Club: the first sixty years (1956 – 2016)
Vicki Mynott and Stephen Craig-Smith (2016)

In 2016, Blue Fin is the largest fishing club in Queensland, established in the 1950s by workingmen in Inala – a new Housing Commission estate on the outskirts of Brisbane.

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Older Publications


Wacol, Wolston, Woogaroo 1823-2014, Volume 1
Vicki Mynott (2014)

This book comprises sixteen independent articles on diverse aspects of Wacol history – including consideration of local Aboriginal sites, the Racecourse in Wacol and the Wacol Housing Camp.

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Wacol, Wolston, Woogaroo 1823-2014, Volume 2 Biographies and Interviews

Vicki Mynott (2014)

Wacol’s settlement history begins with John Oxley, who was the first white man to set foot in Wacol in December 1823 – the year before the Moreton Bay Penal Settlement was established.

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Darra by Decade 1820-2010 Historical themes, milestones and personal recollections
Vicki Mynott (2010)

Darra exists because of the Brisbane-Ipswich railway, built 1874-76. It was because of the railway that Darra developed as a little transport and service centre for the wider district.

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150 Years – Richlands, Inala and Neighbouring Suburbs in Brisbane’s South West
Vicki Mynott (2009)

Queensland was separated from New South Wales in 1859, and we have found records of just two landowners in this district at that time – Simpson at Wolston (Wacol) and Freney at the Blunder (Willawong). Almost the entire area between was bush.

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World War II Stories from Brisbane’s South West – Richlands, Darra, Wacol, Goodna and Oxley
Vicki Mynott (2006)

In World War II, Brisbane was lucky to be “occupied” by a friendly force. A strip of tiny communities on the south-western fringe of Brisbane hosted a concentration of Australian, American and Dutch military establishments.

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Pallara School and Community 2009
Vicki Mynott (2009)

For decades, Pallara has been a small semi-rural community nestled between Oxley and Blunder Creeks – with the School as the central focus.

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Richlands State School – 75 years (1934- 2009)
Vicki Mynott (2009)

Richlands State School opened as a one-teacher school with just 26 pupils during the Great Depression, and was the focus of the local community for 76 years.

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Serviceton – The soldier settlement that became Inala, 2nd Edition
Fred Clark and Vicki Mynott, (2013)

Serviceton survived for only eight years – from 1946 to 1953. It existed in three forms – first as an Ex-serviceman’s Co-operative Society, then as a Public Society, and lastly as a Housing Commission estate.

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