Darra by Decade 1820-2010
Historical themes, milestones and personal recollections Vicki Mynott (2010)

Darra exists because of the Brisbane-Ipswich railway, built 1874-76. It was because of the railway that Darra developed as a little transport and service centre for the wider district – from today’s Centenary to Forest Lake.

Darra grew initially because of the local timber cutters who sent timber out by rail: Darra’s first industrial site was a sawmill on railway land in the 1880s. During the 20th century, the brickworks and the cement works were the major industries.
Darra has always been a worker’s community, and so it has attracted immigrants – particularly since it provided the closest schools and shops for the new arrivals at the Wacol Migrant Centre (1948-87). The immigrants, the workers, the industries and the railway – these had the greatest impact on shaping the Darra of today.

The story of Darra is presented generally by decade.  Over thirty residents – past and present – have provided a variety of memories and over 200 photos to bring to life the official records and present an interesting picture of a unique Brisbane suburb.