Serviceton – The soldier settlement that became Inala, 2nd Edition
Fred Clark and Vicki Mynott, (2013)

Serviceton survived for only eight years – from 1946 to 1953. It existed in three forms – first as an Ex-serviceman’s Co-operative Society, then as a Public Society, and lastly as a Housing Commission estate.
It was largely the dream of one man – “Hock” Davis – who initiated the scheme and persisted for years in the face of post-War materials shortages, unforeseen costs and dwindling support.

The Queensland Housing Commission took over Serviceton in 1950. This was by far the biggest project the Commission had ever attempted – to continue and complete the fledgling satellite town.
Boss Brothers, the major contractor, is credited with actually building Serviceton: Boss companies eventually built up to 2000 homes in the estate.

In 1953, the growing suburb was renamed Inala.  Therefore in the unique history of the local area, Serviceton can be described as “the soldier settlement that became Inala.”