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2012 | John Oxley and Termination Hill plaque

Though named by John Oxley in 1823 and in common usage since that time, the name Termination Hill was officially gazetted only in 2010. On December 11, 2012, (189 years after Oxley landed here) RIHG erected a plaque to John Oxley and Termination Hill at Wolston Park Golf Club.

Cr Paul Tully, (Goodna), Angela Naumann (President RIHG), Lawrence Springborg (Minister for Health), Noela Joyce (a direct descendent of John Oxley), Jean Stewart (RHSQ and a distant relative of John Oxley), Annastacia Palaszczuk (Leader of the Opposition) Source: Noela JoyceThe Golf Club stands beside the Brisbane River, on the site where Oxley landed in 1823. It is just 700m to Termination Hill (which is now a secure Health Department facility). This plaque was largely funded by RIHG, with some support from our local members Cr Milton Dick and Annastacia Palaszczuk, MP

Termination Hill

This site was the furthest point that explorer John Oxley, Surveyor-General of Lands in the Colony of New South Wales, reached on his first exploration of the Brisbane River. 
Oxley’s party landed on the river bend below and he turned back from here on 3 December 1823.
To view the surrounding country Oxley, with others, ascended “a low hill” which he named “Termination Hill.” (27°36’05”S, 152°54’49”E – 700m NE of this point)    .
The next year (1824) Oxley guided the establishment of the initial Moreton Bay Penal Settlement at Redcliffe.  He then 
returned to this point on the river and the party camped on “Termination Plains” (now Prior’s Pocket, on the opposite bank) before resuming the river survey.