Inala: A Brief History (1953 – 2018)

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Inala: A Brief History (1953 – 2018) | Vicki Mynott (2009)

This short history relates to the development of Inala since 1953, when the first Housing Commission tenants moved in. It is an attempt to answer the most common questions asked of the History Group when sufficient information is not found on the Internet.
The twenty individual articles are presented in various formats – maps and timeline, research and reports, mini-bios and memories, figures and photos. The items fall into two broad themes –‘the Place’ and ‘the People’ touching on topics such as the Name, the major Non-profits, Immigrants and Notable residents.
The focus is on the early years, when the greatest changes occurred and so much was initiated by the residents.
Sixty-five years later, some claim that ‘Inala is the same’ while others lament the gentrification they see replacing the unique, vibrant turmoil that is Inala