Blue Fin

In 2016, Blue Fin is the largest fishing club in Queensland, established in the 1950s by workingmen in Inala – a new Housing Commission estate on the outskirts of Brisbane.
The first clubhouse was built in the 1970s – largely by volunteers. This was “Brisbane’s – and possibly Queensland’s – first licensed club for amateur fishermen.”
Further, from 1992 the club has included poker machines – one reason that in 2016 it has over 12,000 members and first class facilities.
The book divides the club’s development broadly into decades. The story itself is told largely in the words of the fishermen – including the women – who have been the backbone of Blue Fin over the past sixty years.
A selection of fishing records is included and the inevitable fishing stories pepper the narrative. Over 200 photos show the huge changes in fishing and in the clubhouse over the six decades of this uniquely successful community club.

Available from the Blue Fin Fishing Club