Pallara School and Community 2009 Vicki Mynott (2009)

This book is presented in two discrete sections:

  • Pallara State School 1959-2009 (formerly Ritchie Road State School)
  • Pallara 2009 – Stories, photos and records

For decades, Pallara has been a small semi-rural community nestled between Oxley and Blunder Creeks – with the School as the central focus.
2009 was not just Pallara State School’s 50th (or Queensland’s 150th) Anniversary. It was also a watershed in Pallara’s history, a time of great change – when many original settlers were moving on.

So there is an emphasis here on collecting and presenting the first-hand stories of early Pallara: stories of a time very different to the present and of characters who have seldom had a voice in our history. This is a light, easy to read community history, one that the people of Pallara contributed to, and will enjoy and identify with.