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Richlands: Early History of the Development of the Suburb, 2nd edition
Fred Clark, Edited by Vicki Mynott, (2015)

Richlands came into being in the early 1930s, as struggling families sought cheap living and self-sufficiency on the city fringes in The Great Depression. In World War II the Americans built a huge munitions storage depot nearby.

This book follows Richlands’ development from the original grazing leases (80-120ha) of the 1870s to the small blocks (½ -1½ ha) of the 1930s, with houses built by family and friends – and the school which was the centre of the community.

A selection of local photos, land titles and lists of residents illustrate the narrative.

Fred Clark was possibly the first baby born in Richlands, and he follows the story until the 1950s – when Inala was established adjacent to Richlands and changed everything.