Wacol, Wolston, Woogaroo 1823-2014, Volume 1
Vicki Mynott (2014)

This book comprises sixteen independent articles on diverse aspects of Wacol history – including consideration of local Aboriginal sites, the Racecourse in Wacol and the Wacol Housing Camp.
The geographical area covered by the book is essentially the Brisbane City Council suburb of Wacol. The names Wolston and Woogaroo however have both been applied to the Wacol area at earlier periods of its history.

Wacol has unique links with Queensland’s written history, dating from the time of explorer John Oxley, who landed here and named Termination Hill in 1823.
The characteristic which distinguishes Wacol is the preponderance of government land ownership and usage: in 2014 the Wacol Government Precinct covers over 50% of the suburb. As Brisbane expands, however, major change is coming to Wacol and there is mounting pressure to “develop” the remaining government reserves in Wacol.

This publication provides a highly readable history for the community, incorporating many contemporary newspaper items and personal anecdotes generally not included in more formal histories. The accumulation of researched materials, personal stories, photos and maps provides a wide-ranging overview of Wacol history to date.
The overview forms the first part of the community history of Wacol. The companion book “Wacol, Wolston, Woogaroo (1823 – 2014) Volume 1I: Biographies and Interviews” presents a selection of stories of the people who made Wacol.